Princess Cruises

Royal Princess

It's time to discover the world; it's deepest oceans, the highest peaks, delicious cuisine and extraordinary cultures. 380 destinations, 7 continents, and every corner of the world. Welcome to wonder. 

With over 50 years experience, we are dedicated to creating once-in-a-lifetime journeys. Whether you escape to a place you've never been to before or one you have visited countless times, every day you'll experience something new. Our carefully designed itineraries mean you can spend more time in each destination, whether you explore venture-some landscapes or unwind with a wine tasting. Our local connections mean you can eat tapas with a local family in Buenos Aires or go dog sledding in Alaska's crisp white snow. We've even teamed up with the Discovery Channel  and Bon Appétit magazine to bring you unique wilderness adventures and cooking experiences that no one else can. 

Because your time is precious, let us help you create those magical moments. You'll come back with unforgettable memories, you'll come back new.


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