Premium Style Cruising

Bridging the gap between contemporary and ultra luxury cruising, premium style ships are varied in size, yet for all of them the aim is to offer even more when it comes to service, food, ambience and space.

By providing just that bit more when it comes to space and interior design, premium ships offer a different atmosphere to their discerning guests, and while the ships are not necessarily much smaller than those of the Family & Contemporary market, they take fewer passengers so providing a feeling of spaciousness.

Bedrooms are larger and most will have a significantly higher number of rooms with balconies or at least sea views. Staff and crew are renowned for their attention to detail and create an atmosphere of elegance and pampering in a relaxed, semi-formal environment.

Many of the companies will offer added value, such as included gratuities or drinks which set them apart from the contemporary cruise market and by doing this, premium lines may offer greater value and space at a not significantly increased price.

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