Small Ship & Traditional Cruising

The term 'traditional cruising' refers to a style of cruise ship and cruising experience that represents a significant number of cruise holidays.   It's a combination of the size and style of ship together with itineraries, service, dining and entertainment.

So what are the things that define 'traditional cruising'?   The ships tend not to new builds and consequently, do not have the most recent innovations on board.  While they may not have the range of dining and activities offered by the larger, resort style ships, the many customers who favour this style of cruising enjoy the focus on value, comfort, dining, service and a relaxed atmosphere.

These cruises also tend to be lower priced, and consequently are often the first cruises for many people. However, while this is the case, you will also find large amounts of passengers committed to this leisurely and relaxed way of life who come back year after year. The average age is higher and within a certain range which means that the social scene onboard is often friendly and warm between people of similar views and backgrounds. 

The slightly older nature of the ships also means the ships are generally small to mid-size  which is a great attraction for many people who prefer the intimacy and atmosphere that smaller ship cruising offers. Often these ships have seen many years of service under many different owners and therefore they retain a sense of character than many people feel is not present in modern cruise ships.

This style of ship will suit those who like a casual adults only style of voyage and caters principally to the British market, often out of the UK itself. 


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